Still I Succeed!

Still I Succeed!

Time was wasted for the crimes I committed.

Time was spent living in placements and mental hospitals.

I doubted my future.

I doubted my ability to make it.

I didn’t have faith.

When it came to education I felt as if I didn’t have a place.

Many would ask “do you see yourself graduating?” and I would say no

with a serious face.

I said I wouldn’t make it.

Self-confidence I just didn’t have it.

Jumping placement to placement with messed up credits only gave

me more doubt and made me still believe I just would not make it.

When I came home I didn’t return to school.

I was embarrassed because I was homeless and being snuck into cold

dirty basements.

I asked for help but still felt that I would just fail.

5 months later popped up pregnant.

Knew if I didn’t return to school my life would be a living hell.

Got into PLC and was told I was smart and capable.

Found motivation and was ready to excel.

Overcame my obstacles with hard work and dedication

And now the time is here, next month I would be graduating.

My name is Sade and although I had doubts and thought I would never


This isn’t my final stop.

Seeking higher education,