As a network CIS, advocates nationally for children and families. Our policy work is based on the core belief that all children have the ability to learn and succeed, and that improving public education must involve integrating community-based services into schools. Our tailored, comprehensive approach serves all students, including those most at risk of dropping out. Help us eliminate student drop outs, and increase public school funding by advocating for legislation that supports achievement. Raise you voice today on behalf of all children who live in poverty throughout Pennsylvania.


Contact Your Legislator

When legislators hear from organizations regarding their concerns about bills and amendments, they listen. When legislators hear directly from their constituents on how specific issues are personally affecting them, they take action. Your voice WILL make a difference! Please take a few minutes to contact your legislators and let them know exactly what’s on your mind.


Current Issues

Education issues are always changing and responding to politics, society, and finances. But keeping education a priority is paramount to ensuring success for our youth and economy. High school dropouts are more likely to commit a crime, rely on government health care, and use other public services such as food stamps or housing assistance. The U.S. could save between $7.9 and $10.8 billion annually by improving educational attainment among all recipients of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, food stamps, and housing assistance.