PPD Awareness

The Philadelphia Maternal and Infant Health Community Action Network (CAN) is a broad coalition of community partners, focused on learning, sharing and acting to reduce infant mortality in Philadelphia. The CAN has been built with recognition of the need for a city-wide collaborative approach to improve maternal health and reduce infant mortality that would:

  • Engage multiple sectors of the community in identifying and prioritizing the most important areas of focus;
  • Bring together a diverse coalition of service providers, advocates, policy makers and community organizations to learn from each other, develop innovative ideas and take action;
  • Provide a mechanism for rapid piloting of new ideas for services, collaborations, and community education.

Change happens through program adjustments, program collaborations, developing new programs and policy changes. CAN work groups meet monthly to address the priority areas of the Common Agenda. To join a work group or find out more information, contact the CAN Coordinator, Sammy Shuster.  To watch the video in full check out- www.ppdphilly.com


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