Thursday, May 26th, was our annual Fashion Show! This yearly production put on by our site director, Gina Williams-McBride, was so fun and contemporary that we drew our biggest crowds of the school year!

Fashion Show
Character fashion

 The scenes were so diverse and allowed even the most reserved of our students to shine!

All White

The fashion show is such an enjoyable production because it engages everybody! Students who weren’t walking in the show entertained us with hip hop dances, parents aided in the styling of their children, and our audience was invited on the stage to partake in the latest dance craze!

blue dancer

Normally, our special events take place on Fridays, but we decided to bring awareness to our community and highlight Red Nose Day, the global campaign effort that raises funds for youth living in poverty.  It’s important we do our part to support not only our Creative Kids but children across the world as well.

Red Nose

 This was our final showcase of the regular school year, but we have something just as memorable lined up for our Summer Camp from starting July 5th! See you then!

Yellow Flower

The Scenes:


-All White 

-Jean Wear 



-Wild Card


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