Who Are the Reinas?

Student MeetingThe word “reinas” means “queens” in Spanish and is a representation of what our young women aspire to be at the Education Center.  The name Reinas is the title for the women’s group and stands for “respected, elegant, intelligent, natural, ambitious sisters.”  In a world of double-standards, it is essential that women abandon a life of comparison to one another and begin to pave the way for encouragement and sisterly partnership.Reinas

The goal of Reinas is to create a safe atmosphere for open dialogue about the struggles women face on a daily basis and how to best prepare to be female role models in a society that constantly degrades women.  We meet weekly to invest time in one another and focus heavily on event planning and fundraising for the CIS Education Center.  The Reinas truly embody what it means to embrace one’s royal and rich history and legacy.


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