What is Mansa?

Mansa group

MANSA (Mentoring Achievement Nobility Service Affirmation) is a young men’s support group for students at the CIS Education Center in Southwest Philadelphia. The Education Center serves young adults between 16 and 24 years of age and helps them get their high school diploma or GED. The students at the Education Center have struggled in traditional schools for one reason or another and have found our environment to be conducive to personal and academic growth. Many of our students are parenting, have unstable housing, or have had run-ins with the law.

The MANSA men’s group’s goal is to support each other mentally, physically, emotionally, and academically in efforts to prepare each other for the obstacles of life.


The CIS 5 Basics:

The Men of Mansa cultivate one-on-one relationships with caring adults that will serve as additional support systems as they develop into leaders.

The Men of Mansa help create a safe space to learn and grow via discussion based workshops about various topics (masculinity, our roles in our families/communities, healthy relationships, etc).

The Men of Mansa forge opportunities to give back to their peers and the community such as, but not limited to school/neighborhood clean ups, feeding the hungry, and tutoring peers.

The Men of Mansa strive to have a healthy start and healthy future. Work Out Wednesday is an opportunity for our young men to stay active by jogging, playing basketball, or doing calisthenics to improve/maintain their physical health.

The Men of Mansa work hard to develop a marketable skill to use upon graduation by working in our school store, and ensuring they have a post-graduation plan with at least three options.

TMansa_King of Kingshe CIS Education Center offers incentives to keep our young men engaged. Offering tickets to professional sports games, gift cards, school store vouchers, and field trips foster engagement as well as create opportunities for students to be rewarded for their work.

If you feel inclined to help the The Men of Mansa with their ongoing work to improve their community please  donate today.


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