East Norriton MS Road to SuccessMaira Martinez came to East Norriton Middle School 8 month pregnant. She was only 13 years old. Her first language was Spanish and she had trouble communicating in English. Her first day of school at East Norriton was a ‘nightmare’. Students formed a large circle around her as they heard there was a new student who was ‘pregnant’. Instead of going home that day, she chose to go the office of CIS Norristown Coordinator, Duperly Hadrick to vent. She shared with Mrs. Hadrick her fears and her goals in life. Shortly before Winter break, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Brian. During break Mrs. Hadrick helped gather several donations from teachers and staff to give to Maira and her baby boy. Mrs. Hadrick traveled to Maira’s home several times and personally delivered pieces such as a bassinet, diapers, formula, blankets, and lots of clothes. Many students view Winter break as a time to ‘relax’ and enjoy time off from school, but Maira was experiencing life changing events. She was completing missed work, and becoming accustomed to being a teenage mother. She returned to school in January with a big smile! She started to form friends, and continued to build on our relationship over long talks about her dreams. Maira has taken the role of mother and student very serious. She has had CTPher rough times where she would come in my office exhausted from not being able to sleep because her newborn wasn’t able to sleep, or when she would come in and ask her assistance with formula or diapers. But one thing about Maira that is admirable is her determination. On June 11th, 2015, she will be promoted to the 9thgrade. She has promised to keep in contact and update Mrs. Hadrick on her journey to high school, then college!

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