Stewart CincoDeMayoOn May 8, students and staff celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Stewart Middle School in the Norristown Area School District. The celebration acknowledged the students who had been competing for the overall highest attendance for the month of May. Each month the grade level with the highest attendance level is honored with a special activity or party. The CIS Site Coordinator, Yvette Madden, organized and implemented a grade level monthly attendance initiative this school year to assist with and encourage students to come to school daily and on time. The initiative has been well received; overall monthly attendance has soared to 96%. The 5th grade students won the coveted Cinco de Mayo party.  Everyone celebrated with piñatas filled with goodies, delicious beef quesadillas from Qdoba’s and great music.  Congratulations to the 5th grade students at Stewart Middle School for the best on time attendance!

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