Hundreds of supporters gathered in Harrisburg, PA April 22 through April 24, 2015 to celebrate 25 years of services to pregnant and parenting males and females across the Commonwealth. Education Leading to Employment and Career Training (ELECT) Teen Parent Classrooms are designed to assist pregnant and/or parenting students (females and males) in the completion of high school and credential attainment.  Additionally, students are assisted in their transitions into post-secondary placement, self-sufficiency and successful parenthood. Intensive case management, parenting and child development training, health and nutrition seminars, referrals to childcare services, academic and social service supports, life skills development, and home visits are provided throughout the program in order to assist all participants in successful transitions. Communities In Schools of Philadelphia is one of the original partners, beginning in 1993, as a sole provider in the City of Philadelphia.  Today, the ELECT program is managed by The School District of Philadelphia.

ELECT_25YearsFormer ELECT Fatherhood Initiative (EFI) student, Andrew Smith spoke and performed during the luncheon. While enrolled at Germantown High, Andrew learned that he would be an expecting father. Andrew’s immediate response to the news brought nervousness, fearfulness, and curiosity. However, once he learned of the ELECT program and services to teen parents, he became comfortable with adjusting to the new role. Since successfully graduating from Fels High School, Andrew pursued a career in music and entertainment production. Andrew is now the CEO/Founder of The DreamR Enterprise, Dream Red Records, and Drew Robert Collection.

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